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12 Days of Kickstarter: Day 10

On the tenth day of Kickstarter, Hart Beat Podcast gave to me...

10 Points of the Star

9 Church Kites

8 Working Watchdogs

7 Minute Episode Preview

6 Crew Members

5 Badass Friends

4 New Mods

3 Warring Factions

A 2 Tiered City

And a Private Eye and a Brand New Scene


Dearest Elle--

You asked what I knew about The Star. Here it is. Don’t tell me why you want this, and don’t do anything stupid.

The Star represents the people that hold Satellite in their teeth and claim that they’re its leaders. These are the people and corporations that are constantly under audit by the Watchdogs, and for good reason. If there is a group in this city that could use their power to do immeasurable damage, it’s them. Though some of the members of the Star have changed, the offices haven’t. From the all powerful Elect to the biggest media monopoly in Satellite, the Star controls not only what happens, but what’s said about it.

They claim to be the beacon of Satellite, guiding the city through their shining example. I believe this almost as much as I believe Jay Murphey when he says that we’re safe or that crime has decreased in Lower.

It’s all bullshit, but I guess I don’t have to tell you that.

Attached is a list of names, offices, and companies. It pays to know who holds the power, and who not to piss off. So please, Elle, don’t piss these people off.

--With love,


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