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12 Days of Kickstarter: Day 11

On the Eleventh Day of Kickstarter, Heart Beat Podcast gave to me:

11 Restricted Texts

10 Points of the Star

9 Church Kites

8 Working Watchdogs

7 Minute Episode Preview

6 Crew Members

5 Badass Friends

4 New Mods

3 Warring Factions

A 2 Tiered City

And a Private Eye and a Brand New Scene!


Hey babe--

I’ve got a lead on something important. A book that I need for approximately 1,210 reasons. I know you’ve heard of it--we’ll talk more about it in person.

Thanks for the note, it helped confirm a few suspicions I had about a job I’m working. Don’t worry, I’m a professional at keeping myself out of trouble. Tell Miss DJ thanks, I’m guessing she helped flesh out the points of the star in one way or another.

Be seeing you soon.



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