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12 Days of Kickstarter: Day 5

On the Fifth Day of Kickstarter, Hart Beat Podcast gave to me…

Five Badass Friends,

Four New Mods,

Three Warring Factions,

A Two Tiered City,

And a Private Eye and a Brand New Scene!


Journal 1 Entry 1

So I got this journal as a gift from Elle, who swears up and down that writing is the best way to iron out thoughts, keep records, whatever. She’s probably the smartest person I know, so I’m inclined to go along with whatever she says. Most of the time, anyways. Every now and then she lets her ideals and obsessions lead her down some questionable paths, but hey, at least she’s passionate about something. Even if it’s as unrealistic as bettering the city.

Tonight was a meeting of the Sleepless, the five of us that get together every week to watch the top opera in the Tiered City, Sleepless in Satellite. It’s a tradition that started, oh, about a year or two ago, right after we started hanging out with Maya and figured out that they also loved the show. At first, the group wasn’t too sure of Maya, but warmed up to them after a round or two of seven fingers. They’ve got a good heart despite what living in Satellite has done to them, and that’s what matters.

This week’s episode was wild—somehow Kitty landed a guest spot on the show as a brief love interest. Makes sense, I think the current guy she’s running with is some kind of producer. It’s hard to keep up with Kitty so I don’t expect that this’ll last very long, her relationships are usually brief. Kitty seems to prefer it that way, and who am I to judge? You don’t get where she is without breaking a few hearts and running your own game.

Delilah was a little late tonight, apparently some smuggling gig of hers almost got busted. I always tell her not to do that kind of shit on nights when the show is running, because I’m not bailing her out while Sleepless in Satellite is on. Whatever. She’s a big girl so if she wants to run around selling illegal mods on the street I’m not going to stop her. She swears smuggling is the only game she’s in, and I don’t question her too much on it. I’m a little worried one of these days I’ll be working a case that she’s at the end of.

But look, Journal, it’s late. I figured I’d at least try you out since Elle was raving about it, and maybe there’s something to it— I’m getting tired now.

Not to say you’re boring, but—

What am I even saying? You’re a journal.


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