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12 Days of Kickstarter: Day 9

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

On the ninth day of Kickstarter, Hart Beat Podcast gave to me...

9 Church Kites

8 Working Watchdogs

7 Minute Episode Preview

6 Crew Members

5 Badass Friends

4 New Mods

3 Warring Factions

A 2 Tiered City

And a Private Eye and a Brand New Scene!


Transcript of Kite Faravay’s Monday Sermon

I spent a long time pondering what the message of this sermon should be. I could discuss the history of the Church, I could tout the accomplishments of our great Redeemer, I could sing the praises of you, the worshippers, and how you have managed to maintain purity despite life’s inherent corruptions.

Instead, I found myself meditating on the importance of a solid foundation. After all, even the tiers of Satellite could not stand on fragile ground.

As such, I have decided to dedicate today’s lesson to the strengthening of our foundation, as individuals, as neighbors, and as the Church.

We uphold six holy tenets. First, all of humanity is united. Though the city may be made of tiers, though it may be divided by income, or modification, or birth, the Church is our great reminder that in reality we are all on the same path. The reason, worshippers, why our chapel, and indeed every chapel, is isolated from the train stations, the roadways, and the city of Satellite, is to remind you of this fact. No matter where you live in the city, we all walk to Church.

(Parishioners) We are all One.

Our second tenant is thus: The Soul and the Body are one. The Church is the place where the spirit flourishes and the flesh is known and purified. It is through the rituals of Communion of the Body and Communion of the Soul that we purify ourselves to be worthy of becoming One.

We are all the Church.

Third, the pursuit of righteous knowledge is Holy. Be not lured into the shadow of evil, for the pursuit of the organic is blessed, while the pursuit of the artificial is damned. Stand not in the way of virtuous knowledge, for it is through this striving that we will become One.

We are all One.

Our fourth tenet teaches us that humanity must strive for rationality, for it is through knowledge of the world and of the self that we will achieve oneness. Emotions and attitudes affect how we feel. How we feel affects not only the body, but also the soul. When you give into emotions such as anger, fear, passion, or hatred, you stain both halves of yourself. We must purge ourselves of powerful emotions to keep ourselves pure, and to be able to become One with each other.

We are all the Church.

Fifth, blessed are the benefactors, for it is through their gifts we will achieve oneness in Satellite. Remember, Worshippers, the most important tithe that you will make is the one after your Soul and Body have split from each other. It is through this gift that the Church is able to continue its righteous, benevolent research that will lead us to the attainment of our sixth tenet.

We are all One.

The sixth tenet, that we strive, as all the others to achieve, to live, to embody, is our belief in the life everlasting, and the pursuit of its attainment. We know that the soul is eternal, and in order to become truly One, we must match the longevity of the body with that of the soul.

We are all the Church

Take these tenets with you, Worshippers. Think on them, meditate, weigh them in your mind. Becoming One requires not only that your Church leaders strive for these tenets, but that you, your neighbors, your friends, and your enemies also put forth the effort. Be blessed as you return to your lives in the City of Two. Do not let the influence of the city wash your mind of this sermon. Do not let the flood of the Eternal City damage your foundations. Go forth, give your offerings, cleanse your body and soul, and know that in the end, we are all One—

We are all the Church

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