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Sorry for the impromptu two week long hiatus, but we've been working with new voice actors and getting set to record episode two! This week, we've invited one of our crew members to tell you a little more about themselves, prompted by questions from the Creator. Without further ado, here's a spotlight on one of our original crew members!

What are you called? Interpret this as you will.

Claudia ;)

What is your favorite color?

Fav color is seafoam green (the Crayola color, #71EEB8).

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen—just kidding. Who do you voice or what is your role in Hart Beat Podcast?

I voice Miss Mimic and fun random extras wherever Erin needs!

What’s your background?

Big nerd, love podcasts and roleplaying so this seemed like a super fun project to be involved in! My day job is paleontology.

How did you get involved in Hart Beat Podcast?

I got involved through Erin, who asked me to join up despite my inexperience. It's been a great time so far and I'm stoked to record new episodes.

What’s your favorite/least favorite/most creepy/coolest futuristic aspect of Satellite?

Bit of a meta comment here, but I like the girl crew vibe a lot. Big fan of women in a variety of roles, aside from traditional or a 1-1 subversion. I would say its futuristic of this story to have those elements feel natural in this setting.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

Meeting more of Jack Hart's crew and the colorful characters of satellite.

Is there something you really want people to know (about you/your other side or main gigs/the looming heat death of the universe)?

Be kind to yourself! :-)

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