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Behind the Scenes: Meet the Crew

For this week's crew spotlight, we are featuring the creator herself: Erin Bentley!

What are you called?

Control, Boss, Dog Walker of the Great and Terrible Yote, She Who Holds the Beacon and Leads Us to the Light of the Tiered City.

Kidding, I've never been cool enough for a nickname. I've only ever been called Erin. During recording sessions it's usually "Dammit Erin!"

Who do you voice/what is your role in Hart Beat Podcast?

I voice random characters and the City of Satellite. I am also occasionally an artist for the podcast, the general coordinator, the writer, and the producer.

How was Satellite conceived? (We left off at The Grapes with Sir Ian McKellen in the 12 Days of Kickstarter Post)

As mentioned in the above post, the idea for Satellite (or, at least, the all important train system) was conceived on a train platform in London. At the time I already had a character idea, a rough idea of the government structure, and some of the modifications, so it rapidly took off from there. I built the world around the story that I wanted to tell, and pestered my friends with SO many random world building questions over the space of several years (shout out to Ben and Jess). The city has changed a lot since its conception, and is influenced by modern day issues, books that I've read, RPGs that I've played, and hundreds of other sources of inspiration including, once, a punk show mosh pit in a wine bar.

What character do you relate to the most?

This is a hard one to answer. Each character that I've written has a piece of myself in them. I would say the perfect fit would be if you smashed Jack and Elle together. Also I really relate to NK, who doesn't appear until episode 3.

If you could be anyone in Satellite, who would you be and why?

I would be NK. Why?

1. Because I am biased towards the original character that started this whole project and I love him with my whole heart 2. Because then I would be a Watchdog, which is one of the few positions that can make major change in Satellite

Upper or Lower?


Favorite drink?

At the moment? A good ole Gin and Tonic made with Hendrick's Lunar Gin or anything made by Sipsmith.

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