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Hart Beat Podcast Sticker Contest!

We have a game that we like to play as a cast. It's called "Guess How You Say That Word" where our wonderful writer, Erin, puts a word into the script that we then have to guess how the heck she wants us to pronounce it.

In honor of our 5th episode and almost reaching 500 listeners for our podcast, we're going to extend the game to you, our dear listeners.

Here is your task: email us at with your guess as to how to pronounce the word Apaclinib. This can be in the form of an audio recording of you pronouncing it, or you can send us a written, phonetically-spelled version.

If sending an audio file:

  • You must only include the word Apaclinib. Any audio file that includes more than this word will be disqualified

If writing the word phonetically:

  • If you include more than one guess, it will be disqualified

  • Separate parts with hyphens (-)

  • Bold where you think the emphasis of the word is

  • Only one entry, or one guess, to send to us

The final deadline to submit answers to us is by SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9TH by 5PM. We will not accept submissions after this time. Since you have subscribed to our email list, you get an extra day to submit answers to us. So the clock starts for

Good luck, and may you bask in the glory of Satellite.

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