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The Inaugural Post

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

This inaugural post might focus a little heavily on housekeeping, but hey, that’s important too.

As we move forward with Hart Beat Podcast, the Crew had the idea to have a few different kinds of blog posts. Posts beginning with “Behind the Scenes” will be out of world posts about our creative process concerning everything from designing the end of the world to how to write a murder ballad. Posts that lack that tagline, however, will be in-world canon addressing some of the aspects of Satellite at play in the background.

Since you’re taking the plunge with us into a new, strange, world with customs and quirks that are intricate and important to shaping the world, we decided to provide some starting material. In the “Case Files” tab of the webpage, you’ll find a write up of each major character and the city itself. These will be updated and new ones will be added as each new episode is released. Head over there to learn about Jack, her friends, and her enemies.

If you have a particular question about the world, the characters, or the process of making this podcast, feel free to reach out. Shoot an email to or send a message to one of our social media accounts and we might just address your question in the blog.

Speaking of social media, follow us on Twitter at hartbeatpodcast, on Instagram at hartbeatpodcast, and on Facebook at, you guessed it, Hart Beat Podcast. We promise to be at least mildly interesting.

In addition to us being entertaining, we want you to send us things! Make cool art? We’d love to see it. Write fanfic? Hell yeah. The best part about any creative project is the community behind it, so don’t be afraid to reach out to us. We might even be able to address your questions with future blog posts!

That’s all for now. I promise the next post and every one after will have something interesting, so keep coming back.

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