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Your Questions, answered

1) Would Delilah ever turn against Jack if the money was good?

Surprisingly (maybe), no. Delilah may be a criminal, but she’s a loyal criminal. She’s also got a significant history with Jack, that we may or may not learn more about later.

2) What does Elle do for a job?

Elle is a pirate librarian, who not only provides literature and research for low cost/free to those who otherwise couldn’t get it (such as non-governmentally sponsored scientists), but also acquires rare items for Upper citizens with more money than sense.

3) Out of Jack’s group of friends, who would be more likely to take in a stray cat?

Elle or Kitty. Probably Elle. For Kitty it would depend on the cat and whether it could be trusted in the garden. She doesn't have a great history with the species.

4) Whats the most common crime in upper Satellite?

White collar crimes—financial fraud especially, and corporate crimes—like bribery and damage due to negligence.

5) What inspired the city of Satellite?

I’ll point over to these two posts for more info (here and here), but for a quick recap, it was mostly inspired by the visuals of Blade Runner, how I imagined the cityscape of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Bioshock's city of Rapture, and the London train system. (Question submitted by the MidFlight Crisis Podcast, check them out on Twitter @PodcastMFC).

6) Is Jack an orphan, if so what happened to her parents?

Nope. She was raised by a single mother who was a nurse. Her father was never in the picture, but there are rumors that he was also a private investigator.

7) Why is there an organ trade if there’s artificial parts for everything? Who’s getting the flesh and what are they using it for?

Two things. Most of the flesh trade is actually for research purposes. With the continuing development of organic and mechanical mods, researchers need to test how to incorporate them into the body without rejection. Also, stigma. Most people in Upper don't want to have mechanical or artificial parts. It's just too gauche.

8) What is the most convenient household appliance in Satellite?

For some reason I got stuck on kitchen appliances only so that’s what this answer reflects. Also this answer pertains to Lower Satellite. I’m going to say microwaves, for a couple of reasons.

1. Most food in Satellite is grown in a lab, and with that type of development you have foods with longer shelf lives that don’t rot as quickly or go bad as fast, making things like refrigerators less important overall.

2. Microwaves use less energy than most other oven types.

3. Microwaves can heat up your food without heating up your house. In Lower, where air conditioning is spotty at best, this is definitely preferred

9) How is the creator of this podcast so awesome and creative and pretty all at the same time? (Question submitted by longtime friend of the show K.S.)

No, you’re awesome and creative and pretty. All of you reading this.

Also I drink an obscene amount of coffee and have some pretty rad friends.

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