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Private Investigator Jack Hart is surrounded. Between the Wasp Police Force, the corrupted all-powerful government, and the city of Satellite's harshly divided society, there isn’t a safe wall to put your back against if you’re fighting for what's right. If she’s learned anything doing this job, it’s that society’s form of justice is rarely what it’s made out to be. More often than not you have to take it for yourself.


In this cyberpunk, tech-noir podcast series, listeners will follow Jack Hart as she investigates the crimes of a city that is violently against her. Can she make it home in time to celebrate the little parts of life that make the fight worthwhile?


Welcome to Hart Beat Podcast, and may all of you bask in the glory of Satellite.


The story behind Hart Beat Podcast was conceived in two very different places in the same year. A combination of a character invented in a noir writing class and a setting invented in an immunology lecture, it's fitting that such a combination gave birth to the City of Two. Starting out as a subset of a larger project, I soon realized that Jack Hart took up more space than I originally gave her.

My bad, Jack.

But this project isn't an apology.

This project is the combination of several people with diverse talents that wanted to tell a story: a story of hopelessness, a story of determination, a story of the important things and what you do to hold onto them. Starting out with the phrase "this is cool," we moved on to "this is empowering," and now we've landed on the final installment:

This is Satellite.

This is Hart Beat Podcast. Listen in. 


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