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Meet the crew



A graduate student in botany as well as the head writer and creator for Hart Beat, I am stuck trying to find my own kind of balance.

I started this project not only because I'd die for the character and I love the setting, but because I felt that a story of resistance and perseverance in the face of hopelessness is an important story to tell. 

Plus, look at all these cool people. Who wouldn't want to do a project with them?


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A BFA graduate and a lover of all things Sci-Fi. I'm doing this project to bring to life a really cool-ass story written and brought to life by an equally cool-ass individual (see above^^). This story is a great opportunity to spark imagination and empowerment for people who feel like world is against them or feel like they just can't do enough when actually... they have the potential to do so much more.



I am an aspiring voice over actor for books, podcasts, and all things voice related, as well as an avid lover of stories and finding unique and interesting ways to tell them. I hope that by bringing the characters I portray to life, I can help further your suspension of disbelief and bring you closer to this world that we all so enjoy.

Plus my wife made me do it.



When someone offers you the chance to murder several individuals in song form, how can you say no? I didn't. I am always more than happy to be a part of friend's projects, especially when it lets me use my music degree in addition to all the science projects I am ethically performing.



I am a paleontologist with much love for both dead and living plants. With my experience moving rocks, I bring a no stone unturned mentality to my character, Delilah. When not digging in the dirt or looking down the scope, I enjoy horseback riding, baking gluten free, and playing Magic the Gathering. 

I’m interested in working on this project as I am intrigued by the story and already am a fan of the characters! I am very excited to be invited to voice act and be a part of the production.



I’m an aspiring musician and a college student. I want to pursue music as a hobby while I earn my degree. I love to create music and I can’t wait to see where that will take me. For “Satellite”, I wanted to help create a story of a city and its beautiful soundtrack.



Hi! I’m just a guy with some theatre background who thought it would be fun getting involved with a podcast made by an old friend (i.e. that girl at the top of the page). I’m currently finishing up grad school and I’m thrilled to have something to put my energy into outside of class. You’ll hear me voicing characters sprinkled throughout the series wherever our Lord and Savior Erin Bentley needs them. Pumped to be a part of this!



I rarely listen to podcasts, but I wholeheartedly endorse this one. After graduating from UW in 2019, I moved to California to pursue my MFA in screenwriting. Then that whole 2020 thing happened and I happily moved back to Laramie to finish out my degree online with friends and summer snowstorms. When I'm not writing stupid jokes into scripts, I enjoy cooking food for my roommates to steal, watching cringey reality TV, and drinking wine with a tiny sweater-clad dog named Roger.



I’ve always been fond of doing fun voices and impersonations. I find a lot of joy in being able to sound like another person. With all the twists and turns in life, it’s nice to feel like a different person sometimes. My voice acting favorites are Mark Hamill, Frank Welker, and Tara Strong. I one day hope to use my voices to bring joy to others in the way that these icons have for me.



Erin and I met years ago, during high school speech and debate. The energy in her performances was so contagious-- it was always such a joy to watch.
So, when I heard her and her team were putting together a podcast, I was elated to be a part of it!
I recently graduated with a B.A. in Theatre Performance and will be re-enrolling for a bachelors in interpretation for the upcoming year.
After a year of quarantine, I'm excited to have such enjoyable projects to focus my energy towards.


Katherine Kern

I was brought into the amazing Hart Beat family by our sound and production wizard, Bella, when she saw me post a picture of my little home voice studio. When I’m not attempting to keep my cats, Winter and Bean, out of my recordings, I’m either working on D&D stuff with my awesome, mega-supportive spouse, writing stories, or playing way too many hours of video games. To me, Hart Beat is the story of holding onto your personal moral compass in a world that is trying its best to make it spin out of control. Erin has built us such a wonderful setting to tell this story in, and I can’t wait for you to hear it!


Jack Hart Logo Final.png

Brady was a past voice contributor to Hart Beat Podcast, you can find his work as extras in the first few episodes. 



Bella was our past sound engineer. You can find her work in the first six episodes of Hart Beat Podcast.

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